Damn Birds 2

Damn Birds 2

Picking up where the previous Damn Birds left off, Damn Birds 2 is exactly the sequel you would expect from a game that involves you playing an ornamental statue with a gun in a garden.

If you have owned a state, and you constantly find the intruding birds keep doing their business on it, this game is for you - or to be less specific if a bird has ever crapped on your head this is the game where you exact your revenge. You play a statue with his own armament, which he can add to as he completes more levels. Shooting more birds and staying clean from their filth earns you money which you can use to upgrade your guns with. The game is ultimately a defence game with a twist, something akin to Space Invaders.


Statue - like the original game you play a very irate statue, which has been defecated on too many times and wants his revenge. The game affords you the luxury of a number of guns, from bazookas, two shotguns, all there to aid you blasting a multitude of birds from the sky.

Birds - just as in the previous version, your main opponents and the antagonists are the different shapes and sizes of birds that poop on you. Be they penguin, sparrow, or large birds your aim is to blow them out of the sky.


The game gets tougher as the levels go on, and you will see a variation of different birds enter the game, each with their own traits. Some birds are quick, others are big and some are strong. The game gets significantly harder after level 5.


There are over 30 levels in the game, all of which add more to it. As you go through the levels, you get better guns. This is done by gaining money for levels completed and then exchanging the cash for new and upgraded, more powerful weapons. Unfortunately, the ammo does run out, which often leaves you stranded.

We have to say Damn Birds 2 is a much more appealing game for those wanting to kill those dratted birds that make our lives so inconvenient (We can't count the number of times they have crapped on our company car wind-shield and desecrated what is otherwise a beloved mini cooper coupé).