Death Worm

Death Worm

Devour to Your Heart's Content in Death Worm

Godzilla fans should be no stranger to the amount of destruction a giant creature can cause. For those who love the idea of wreaking havoc as well as those who are curious what the fuss is all about, well you're in luck. Death Worm, a mobile game developed by PlayCreek LLC gives you the reigns of your very own giant beast. Destroy military vehicles and eat some tasty human snacks along the way.

There are four different maps to explore, consisting of fifteen levels each. If you tire of the standard Campaign Mode, you can either opt to test your worm controlling potential in Survival Mode or to test your skills through the three bonus Mini-games.

No giant monster game worth its salt would have but a few destructibles. That being said, Death Worm's fifty enemy types are enough to keep the game experience fresh for a while. From camels and tanks to outrageous UFOs, there's plenty to gobble up throughout the game.

Thanks to its traditional control scheme, commanding the giant beast is quite intuitive.  There is an analogue pad to the left of the screen. This directs the worm to where you want it to go. A button to the right of the screen corresponds to its Fireball attack and another activates Nitro. The latter speeds up the worm's movement for a limited amount of time, giving you an edge when it comes to timed objectives. You must collect enough power-ups in order to use these last two boosts.

Visually, Death Worm is also a feast for the eyes. The color scheme, layout and overall theme is pretty polished. The on-screen controls, while large in size, does not deter from viewing the action. Also, we have to admit that seeing targets run from the rampaging giant worm is pretty entertaining. One thing to note though is that the fast-paced action sometimes results in a jerky camera (and dizzy players).

Don't worry, Death Worm isn't just a pretty face. Those who are looking for their next challenge will love the game's various tricky objectives. While the usual goal is to devour a certain number of NPCs, there are times when you must accomplish it without taking any damage. Hitting aggressive foes, hunting down a certain type of animal to eat and accomplishing side objectives certainly prolong the already lengthy game time.

Upon leveling up, you get the chance to beef up the ferocious beast. You can choose whether you want to improve the worm's Size, Speed, Skin Strength, Nitro Duration or Fireball special attack. The game paces the upgrades by making them available only two at a time. This effectively ensures that the game is never too easy while providing enough of an incentive to continue playing.

Death Worm may not be the only giant worm game out (check out Effing Worms for another example) there but with its accessible controls and balanced game play, makes it at least a must try. Those who appreciate fast-paced action games and are looking for a game with high replayability should look no further than this fun title.