Shark Lifting 2

Shark Lifting 2

Lift Weights is Nothing Compared to These Babies!

Shark Lifting 2

Most gamers will tell you that the best flash games can be the destroyer of the computer mouse and the architect of even the most sturdy keyboard's destruction. This sort of statement isn't far off the kind of battering that your computer hardware will take in Shark Lifting 2, in fact. A title that elevates Shark Lifting from a stand-alone game of simple genius to series status, Shark Lifting 2 introduces a wider framework to the concept of shark lifting in the form of level progression whilst keeping the core click-like-a-maniac mechanics of the original.

Let's start with the premise. You're an aspiring lifter, but instead of weights you are seeking to become the world's best shark lifter instead. It's best not to question the logic here (or lack of it), but rather delve into the fun gameplay without a moment's hesitation. After using your mouse to fly your plane to the indicated location (one of the few improvements to the original), the actual lifting begins.

The main bulk of the game mechanics - that is, the lifting up of the shark over your head - are as simple as they were in the original Shark Lifting (from the same developer, Newgrounds' own Wiesi). Instead of moving your mouse around like you do in the plane-flying mini-game however, your only job is to click the mouse rapidly in order to fill up the bar on the screen. Once the bar is filled up, the shark has been lifted, and you are victorious. There is a time limit however; time ticks menacingly above you on the screen , reminding you that the pressure is really on.

If the description of the game above sounds quite basic, that's because it really is that simple. The weight of the sharks you will encounter increases with each round however, making each shark harder to lift than the last and in turn requiring more furious clicking in order to get the shark up over your head before the time runs out. Your times are recorded as well, just for the extra fun. For you shark buffs out there, there is a nice variety of the wonderful creatures in this game ranging from the Sandbar shark, to the Nurse shark and a healthy quantity in between.

Shark Lifting 2 will immediately make players of the original feel like they're in familiar territory, only with a few additions that only serve to make things more interesting than in its predecessor. Luckily, the core mechanics are pretty much the same when it comes down to it: rapid clicking is really all there is to it. It is the inclusion of the plane-flying interludes that makes the game a little more fun and cohesive. There are other mini-games between lifting sharks as well such as the one that involves you having to click on the correct rocks after six crabs go and hide underneath them, though these are merely supplementary to the main event of hoisting sharks/halving the lifespan of your mouse.

One last point to mention here is that the game's design is impressive. I mean, anything that mimics Street Fighter/Street Fighter II, some of the best NES/SNES classics of all time, is already doing well before you even consider the gameplay. The whole pixelated graphics trend that makes players reminiscent of gaming in the (relatively) olden days is quite popular at the moment, but you can see why: it looks good and it makes you nostalgic for old-school games. Sound wise, we are again transported back to the old school by Nintendo & Whiskey's (another talented Newgrounds-er) use of old-style chiptune music. The graphics and sound coalesce to make something that is rather spectacular

So don't hesitate to get your Shark Lifting (2) on. It's a game that looks great and plays even better than it looks. It's got mini-games, some cool flying action, and of course a nice range of sharks to lift, each increasingly more difficult to do so than the last. You'll find the game at nestled in amongst a bunch of other nifty shark titles. What a cool site for bringing such great shark games together in one place on the internet!