Whack Your Boss

Whack Your Boss

Whack Your Boss is an anger management cartoon game which started off with only a handful of kills and now has grown to over 20 creative ways to end your boss's life using the office environment and its instruments.

You know sometimes its the simple games that really stick and have gamers coming back for more, just take a look at the recent Flappy Bird, it's primitive to say the least yet it received over 50 million downloads on mobile phones before it was yanked - a web version is still available here .

Of course Doodie.com's Whack Your Boss existed way before Flappy Bird came along and we only have to look at the earlier version to see how basic it was. The environmental objects didn't even provide any misdirection for the gamer, what you saw is what you could pick up and kill your boss with.

Fast forward over 10 years later and the web version now has 24 killing methods and the phone version exclusive for Android has 27.

The animator Tom Winkler does a darn good job at making your hate this particular boss in case you don't actually have one and you haven't like many of us fantasised about killing your boss. But for those with real life bosses who are just as annoying (if not more so) this game can provide some serious laughs and more importantly satisfaction in a make believe scenario. Yes you can thank Doodie for saving your precious life office bosses who have many an employee secretly wanting to kill you!

The animation is typical of a guy who use to work on The Simpsons: http://www.simpsonsworld.com/, the scenes are imperfectly splendid with rough sketches and a high focus on the particularly hilarious violent actions that kick into full gear very rapidly. One moment you are sat listening to your boss ranting away and the next after one click of an object your smashing your bosses head in with a golf club or ramming a big water cooler into his gob and drowning him.

A recent kill scene - the office cabinet features a two part click where you direct your bosses attention to the draw and have him crouch down to go through your files and complain in disgust at their unordered fashion they are currently in. This leads to the perfect opportunity of forcing your boss's head into the draw and ramming it shut in a repeatedly aggressive fashion until there's nothing left of it except a bloody puddle. This is just one of the many brutal scenes that await your well attention in the game.

We hope Tom adds even more scenes as we can easily see this game going on to become a forever lasting hit, it's lasted 10 years already so another 10 will easily be on the cards, especially with the mobile version already accessible to all those angry employees at work (bosses beware).

Have a go yourself now at the latest web version here http://www.whackyourboss.com or if that doesn't tickle your fancy there are various other games that have been created to suit other scenarios such as being able to take revenge on your annoying teacher here - https://www.whackit.co/whack_your_teacher.html. That one is a great game if you ever had to deal with one of those miserable and tyrant like teachers who would tell you off at the drop of a hat and make you stay behind for detention every night.